Awesome customer service from Captive8 July 30, 2015 12:28

I have been ordering clothing from online shopping company Captive8 for several years. I have always found their quality to be impeccable and their prices very competitive. Recently I ordered a grey cardigan from their website. It was delivered to my home on the same evening by Marian Draper. However, when I fitted it on the sleeves were quite narrow. Marian suggested that she could bring me the longer coat which had wider sleeves. However, when those were also too narrow, she offered to ask the factory to custom make one with wider sleeves for me. Their first try was still a bit narrow, so Marian asked them to do another one with even wider sleeves. Every time she delivered the product to my house personally and always with a smile. I NEVER expected that they would custom make an item for me and Marian offering me this was fantastic service! I am recommending them to ALL my friends! (I also have never posted a compliment on this site, so this is high praise indeed. :))